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Win With Car Auctions - Discount Charity Vehicles
Image of active auction for quality red sedan.

How to win at car auctions.

Both online and live car auctions are an awesome method for getting the auto you need, and in many cases you can discover uncommon autos that can’t be found anyplace else. Auto barters let you stay away from merchant markups—and regularly you can discover a portion of the best values for the cash you will pay at auction. In any case, the best thing you can do before going to an auction is to be prepared. These are the four most essential tips to help you purchase an auto at auction:

  1. Despite the fact that purchasing a car at an automotive auction is simple, you need to get to the event early and register yourself. Getting there early will allow you to get acclimated and avoid long lines – and potentially missing out on the vehicle you had your eye on.
  2. Take full advantage of the opportunity to examine any of the vehicles you are interested in. Most times, you will be able to do a cursory inspection of the vehicle before you commit to an offer.  Look at the car closely – check the paint, the odometer and whether or not the last owner was a smoker. Small details impact the value of the car so be diligent in your review.
  3. Do your own research! Check Kelly Blue Book to get a sense of the value and market expectations on price for the vehicles you’re going to consider bidding on.
  4. Auctions can be very exciting – especially if you are in on the bidding action. But don’t let the thrill of the moment get a hold of you and push you to bid beyond your budget. One of the best pieces of advice we can offer is for you to set your personal budget on each vehicle and STICK TO IT. Better to lose out on an opportunity than to overburden yourself with debt.
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